Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reserve?

Please contact us directly.


How far are you from Ottawa?

70 km.

Accommodation capacity

How many guests can sleep in the villa?

From 21 to 25 people.


How many parking spaces are available?

15 in the parking area with the possibility to park up to 50 cars elsewhere on the property.


Are cats, dogs and other pets permitted?

Pets are allowed under certain conditions. Please contact us for more information.


Is there a place to swim? Where?

Yes. Our guests have access to:

  • A shared lake, a 15-minute walk
  • A private lake, a 40-minute walk


Are the trails marked?

Yes. We can provide a trail map.


Do you have Internet?


Outdoor activites

Do you provide outdoor sports equipment?

We can provide some of the equipment such as snowshoes, sleds, hockey sticks, but for more specialized equipment we recommend you get in touch with Expéditions Wakefield.


Can we build a campfire?

Yes, but only if weather permits.

Non-smoking villa

Is it a non-smoking house?

Yes. We do have two beautiful terraces where our customers can smoke.